Consular and Visa fees

The Size of consular fees for citizens of Ukraine, Russia, Albania, Moldova, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Georgia is 35 Euro. The term of registration of the visa- ten days.
For citizens of other countries the size of the visa fee is 60 Euro.
Citizens of Ukraine, who are exempt from paying the visa fee in accordance with the Agreement between Ukraine and the EU on visa facilitation:

Categories of persons

Documents required for eligibility exemption from the visa fee *


Close relatives - spouses, children, parents, grandparents, grandchildren of citizens of Ukraine who reside legally on the territory of the Member States

- An original of written statement from inviting person


Members of official delegations who, following an official invitation participate in official meetings, consultations, advice, exchange programs and events that are organized by intergovernmental organizations in one of the EU countries and members of national and regional councils, courts who are not exempted from visa for this Agreement

- A letter from Ukrainian authority confirming the fact that the applicant is indeed a member of the delegation, which will stay on the territory of a part of the Agreement for participation in the events specified in the invitation


Pupils, students, graduate who come to study

- A written statement or confirmation by the Host party (original)


People with disabilities and their support

- The certificate of a disabled


Those who have documented prove of  the necessity of the travel on humanitarian grounds - urgent medical treatment (their support), visit of a funeral or seriously ill relatives

- In the case of medical treatment: an official document confirming the need for treatment in this institution and document about sufficient amount of financial means to pay for this treatment, for support - paper on the need for such support; - if funeral rites: the death certificate and the document confirming kinship of the applicant


Participants in international sports events and their maintenance

- A written request from the host organization, the relevant authorities, national sport Federations and National Olympic Committees of the Member States


Participants in official exchange programs organized by partners and other official bodies

- A written request from the respective heads of administrations of cities or official institutions


Journalists and technical support

- A certificate or other document issued by the trade unions and confirming that the person really is a qualified journalist - a document issued by the employer stating that the purpose of the stay is the job of a journalist or professional technical support



- Pension certificate


The drivers of international cargo and passenger carriers

- A written statement from the Association of International Road Carriers of Ukraine stating the purpose, duration, destination country and regularity of traffic


Crew members of international rail transport

- A written statement from the railway company of Ukraine stating the purpose, duration and regularity of traffic


Children under the age of 18 and dependent children under 21

- Birth certificate; in the case of persons dependent on parents (eg. students), student card + copy, letter from the college


Representatives of religious organizations

- A written statement of a religious organization registered in Ukraine indicating the purpose of travel, duration and frequency of planned travel


A liberal professions participating in international exhibitions, conferences, symposia, seminars, etc. events organized in Slovakia

- An invitation from the organizer of proof that the statements that the person really participating in this event


Applicants under the age of 25 years (inclusive) participating in seminars, conferences, sports, cultural or educational programs organized by non-profit organizations

- An invitation from a non-profit organization, proof that the applicant is a member of the Ukrainian non-profit organization and an official document of registration of such organization


NGO representatives traveling to training programs, seminars, conferences and the sharing of

- Invitation of social organization, proof that the applicant is a member of the Ukrainian public organization and an official document of registration of such organization


Participants in official border cooperation programs of the European Union, for example. under debugging European Neighborhood and Partnership

An invitation from the organizer

* - If there are other mandatory documents required for visa application

In exceptional cases where the application is made three days before the scheduled date of departure for the citizens of Ukraine and Russia visa fee may be chargeable at the rate of 70 Euro.
Attention applicants!
Please be advised that from January 1, 2012 institutes the visa fee for filing an appeal against a decision to refuse / cancellation / revocation of visas - of 30 Euros.


  • Documents required for visa application


    The main requirements for the application for a Schengen visa

    When submitting the visa application, regardless of

    Purpose of stay is required:

    • the personal presence of applicant older than 18 years;
    • valid travel document (passport) + copy of the first page and a copy of all pages of Schengen visas issued during the past three years, as well as originals and copies of all other valid travel document;
    • System EZOV filled in application form which you need to print and sign;
    • 1 recently made photo size 3x3,5 cm;
    • the original of national civil passport of applicant + copy of pages with notes;
    • the original document confirming the purpose of stay;
    • document of housing, if a specific address of stay is not indicated in the invitation;
    • A certificate of the applicant's financial provision;
    • the documents of transportation provision (available only for the purpose of travel "tourism");
    • original + copy of the insurance policy (from 5.04.2010. According to the new visa code for a visa with the possibility of one or two departure applicants must have medical insurance that covers the stay in the Schengen area + 15 days of the scheduled departure of the Schengen space (the number of insured days may meet target). Example: You have planned a trip for 10 days from 01.05.2010 to 10.05.2010, whereas the action of an insurance policy should be from 01.05.2010 to 25.05.2010 insured days - 10)

    Documents regarding the purpose of stay

    1. Organized tourism (feed accredited travel agencies):

    • voucher issued by the Ukrainian travel company that is a partner of Slovak travel company and accredited by the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Kiev;
    • fax copy of voucher issued by travel company in Slovakia indicating the amount of services whose were paid for.

    2. Individual tourism:

    • voucher or copy (scan or fax) of booking confirmation directly from the hotel with seal and signature of authorized person;
    • if the is no seal, in this case the owner of Cottage / apartments certifying signature notarized and send to the applicant the original and photocopy of documents confirming their business.

    Attention!!! Vouchers from any electronic travel portals (eg:,,,, are not accepted!!!
    When combined tourism the travel plan in detail is assign.

    3. Private stay:

    • invitations with notarization signature of the person who invites or invitation issued by the relevant department of the Immigration Police in Slovakia;
    • a copy of the document identifying the person inviting - a copy of the passport, evidence in civil (občiansky preukaz), in case when inviting is a foreigner with temporary / permanent residence in Slovakia - a copy of the residence permit
    • if the inviting person and the applicant are in relationships, you must provide copies of registry documents that confirm this relationship.

    4. International conferences, symposia, seminars, cultural and sporting events:

    • an invitation from the organizer of the event or invitation issued by the relevant department of the Immigration Police in Slovakia;
    • official letter with request to issue a visa to the employee.

    5. Business:

    • original invitation from a business partner (person or company) indicating the purpose of the trip to Slovakia notarization of the signature of the person who invites;
    • official letter with the request to issue a visa to the employee

    If necessary is visa that allows multiple entries, the applicant must submit:

    • the original invitation from a business partner (individual or company) indicating the purpose of travel to Slovakia and their regularity or invitation issued by the relevant department of the Immigration Police in Slovakia;
    • an official letter from the employer requesting to issue a visa to the employee indicating the purpose and trips to Slovakia and their regularity;
    • a copy of the current certificate of registration of Ukrainian company;
    • a copy of the extract from the Register of the Slovak partner, issued within the past 90 days;
    • valid agreement on cooperation between the Slovak and Ukrainian companies.


    6. International transportation services (TIR, BUS):

    1) regarding those carriers which are members of the National Association of international vehicle carriers of Ukraine:

    • A letter of request from the Association as for visa issue.

    2) regarding the rest of carriers:

    • An invitation in origin from a Slovak enterprise;
    • A valid cooperation agreement between Slovak and Ukrainian enterprises (in case of multiple-entry visa application);
    • An official letter from the employer company with a request for visa issue for an employee, indicating purpose of trips to Slovakia including their frequency;
    • Copies of carrier’s state registration certificate and the Ukrainian company valid license;
    • Other documents if necessary (copies of driving license, vehicle registration certificate).

  • Requirements to invitation (does not depend on the purpose of visit)

    1. For a person invited:

    1. Name and last name according to the passport/ travel document
    2. Date of birth
    3. Passport/ travel document series and number
    4. Citizenship
    5. Invitation validity (from... until..., amount of days planned) and purpose of visit

    In case inviting person provides accommodation, it has to be noted in the invitation (address where the invited person is supposed to stay)

    2. For an inviting person:

    • Physical person: name, last name, address, telephone numbers.
    • Legal person: name, last name and position of the person who signed the invitation, registration number (IČO) on the letterhead, signature and stamp of the legal person.

    Documents proving sufficient funds availability to cover expenses during the trip:

    1. Confirmation of employment and income as a proof of financial connections with Ukraine:

    For employees:

    Salary certificate for the last six months with indication of a position, assignment date and vacation duration. (The certificate has to contain full name and position of the person who signed it as well as contact information and registration details of the employer company)


    A copy of the private enterprise registration certificate or extract from the state registration book

    A certificate from the tax service about income for the last report quarter, etc. or bank statement


    Pension certificate (copy)


    Certificate from a pension fund


    Certificate from an educational institution confirming that the applicant is a student for a moment of application submission


    Certificate from an educational institution confirming that the applicant is a student for a moment of application submission and grants scholarship


    2. Proof of sufficient funds availability to cover expenses during the trip to a state – member of Schengen agreement:

    ALL THE APPLICANTS should prove sufficient funds availability necessary for expenses coverage of the trip planned and way back to the country of residence with the adequate documents in one of the corresponding ways:

    At his/her own expense:

    A bank statement showing sufficient funds amount on the bank account or cash flow statement for the last three months


    Notary affirmation of sponsorship from the third side/person living in Ukraine. Besides, you should also submit document confirming that the third side/person has enough funds to perform such sponsorship (bank statement)

  • Visa applying for minor applicants (persons under 18 years old)


    A child’s data might be put in a parent’s passport until the child is 16 years old. On reaching 16-year-old age, a child should submit his/ her own passport – travel document. Passports (for adults as well as for children) should contain at least two blank pages.

    Documents necessary for a minor visa applying are as follows:

    • Application filled-in online in EZOV system and printed. The application should be signed by one of the child’s parents;
    • A photograph;
    • An origin or copy of the document confirming purpose of visit;
    • Document confirming accommodation provision if it is not mentioned in the invitation;
    • Birth certificate (origin and copy);
    • A copy of parent’s financial documents (if travelling without both parents, - then original documents required);
    • Transportation confirmation (is submitted for the “tourism” purpose);
    • A medical insurance copy (insured trip dates + 15 days more from the return date);
    • A copy of passport/ travel document (if a child’s data is put in a parent’s passporta copy of the first page and a page with childs data with his/ her photo put in, as well as all the Schengen visas granted for the last three years; if a child has his/ her own travel documenta copy of the first page + all the Schengen visas granted for the last three years).


    If a child is under 16 years old and:

    • Travels with one parent – a copy of the notary affidavit permit from another parent for the child travelling abroad accompanying by other parent;
    • If there is only one parent (deceased, deprived of parental rights, registered according to the art. 135 of the Family Code of Ukraine, etc.), a copy of the corresponding document should be submitted;
    • Travels with a third person – a copy of the notary affidavit permit for the child travelling abroad accompanying by this person + a copy of the person’s visa if his/her application is not submitted as well;
    • Copies of first pages of internal passports of both parents (if the child travels without parents);


    The conditions mentioned above are also valid for owners of the certificate of international Slovak or Slovak who resides abroad.

    Obligatory medical insurance for travels to the countries of Schengen area
    On the grounds of the EU Council Decision 2004/17/EC, VISA 193/ COMIX 634, VISA 137/ COMIX 482 and cooperation between consular establishments in Kyiv, for member countries additional state internal legal demands might be introduced.

    Conditions and legal demands:
    Starting from July, 1, 2004 all the citizens who travel to the countries of Schengen area on the visa basis should have valid travel medical insurance for the whole period of stay in the countries mentioned above.

    Medical insurance for travelers should satisfy the following demands:

    • Minimal coverage amount of the medical insurance policy is 30 000 EUR;
    • Medical insurance policy is to be valid over all the countries of Schengen agreement;

    To apply for a one- or two-entry visa, you should submit medical insurance covering all the period of stay in Schengen area + 15 more days from the departure date planned (at the same time, amount of the days insured may correspond to the planned one). For instance: you have planned a trip for 10 days from 01.05.2010 until 10.05.2010, then medical insurance is to be issued from 01.05.2010 until 25.05.2010, and amount of days insured is 10.

    • To apply for a multiple-entry visa, it is enough to submit medical insurance policy covering period of the first trip planned (in that case applicants are to sign an application (that is a part of the visa application form) about awareness of necessary purchase of medical insurance for each next travel);
    • All the data in a medical policy should be printed (those which are filled-in by hand are not accepted).
    • Medical insurance travel policy should be purchased in the applicant’s country of citizenship/ residence;
    • Insurance origin and copy should be submitted together with the visa application.

    Applicants should make sure that an insurance company will return policy payment in case of visa rejection or consular decision delay.
    Applicants should submit origin of a valid medical policy together with a copy. Copies or documents confirming the policy reservation are not accepted.
    Applicants who belong to private, corporate or family medical insurance policy of sponsor/ inviting side, should submit documents confirming its correspondence to the demands of the Schengen agreement.